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    I had mentioned in my first post that I wanted to start something with Cucu and explore my aesthetic as a designer, doing things I like, let others dreamers (entrepreneurs, moms, small businesses, artisans, social projects and of course, bloggers) have a cute image that represents their business or project without leaving their savings in it.
    Sometimes we have a wonderful business idea, we started to shape, talking, writing notes, experimenting, trying new ingredients, materials, methods, and we realize that we can carry it out, it works! Congratulations, welcome to the world of entrepreneurs (and this word does not say enough, given the times) then, just when we have the formula ready to throw it to walk and take advantage of it, start to rise a lot of questions that neither we had not even considered before. ne of them is the design or image that will represent that idea.
    Probably if your business is all about, for example, cupcakes (not just any cupcake, I talk about the best cupcakes in the world that also thinner and up the mood), even if you don´t have very clearly what a logo is, you are sure that you want the world to know that your cupcakes are the best in the whole planet (and some abroad) that your grandmother's recipe is the best of all world's grannies and nobody does so carefully cupcakes like you. Also you´re sure that what you did with Paint is not a logo and definitely does not represent at all what you want to convey, here we graphic designers.

    When I talk about corporate image or identity, I mean the visual presence of a project, which consists of a logo, which is the heart of the image and from which other elements are created the same, they may be from business cards, to more complex publications such as brochures, posters or flyers. Even the entire Web page design follows a defined corporate identity. All these designs must bear a logo or consistency with the heart of the image. Knowing this, the logo of paint will be more than discarded. So where to go? Do not despair, here's Cucu.
    These are some of the identities I have done for brave entrepreneurs:
    Clara Cortissoz estética dental
    Matrimonios Films

    Sweet Cakes and Bakery
    El blog de Kathy Gamez
    Valentinas Boliheladitas
    Dulces tentaciones
    I have also done logo redesigns to which only I gave  a touch of Cucú to stand out and shine through, as I did this for my friend Terecucha, with her bussiness.
    Mi propuesta es, básicamente, representar con diseño, lo particular de tu negocio o proyecto, la única condición que requiero es que tengas ganas de cucutizarlo. Por un precio inmejorable, puedes obtener el look profesional que tus "cupcakes" merecen, ya que de nada sirve que sean los cupcakes mas ricos del mundo si la imagen que los representa no lo refleja. 

    Some things that you need to know

    I can offer a package of corporate identity, that includes your logo in a professional format which is in VECTOR.


    An illustrative example of the difference between pixels of images (such as photos) and the vector is as follows:

    There are two ways to send a birthday cake: Send it cooked in a box, or send the recipe, so that the recipient can cook by following the steps listed there.

    When I send a file pixel map (as a picture or an image) I am sending the entire cake. When I send a vector file, I am sending the recipe, because vectors can "cook" for a map of pixels (like a photo). This "recipe" allows, among other things, to use your logo in various publications, adapting its size, color and required version whether you place it on a billboard, as if you´ll place it on a label.

    In my lowcost logo pack, I offer to send you the recipe (vector logo) and cake (images of your logo) to work with different versions.


    1. Complete a short form describing what you want to show me your image <<< (this is really useful).

    2. I present three proposals, and you choose one.

    3. You can specify or modify your choice to get what you want (or just accept my awesome idea without any change)

    • The official logo in vector + official versions (dark ink color, and light color)
    • Official logo and official versions in PNG transparent background at 72 dpi for the screen. (for use on photos and watermarks, for example)
    • Business cards (TIFF format, ready to print format)
    • Invoices (A4 size) (TIFF format, ready for printing) Optional 
    • Mock up your identity to present it in your web site or fan page.
    • Thumbnail sized images for you to use in social networks (such as your profile picture fanpage, twitter  etc)


    I'm really really into supporting small business, work from home moms (like me), local producers and things made with love, if you are interested in my work, write to me to and I´ll write you back with the costs.


    These costs do not include character development or complex illustrations. Given their low cost, these images are simple, attractive and economical solutions that obey my aesthetic, without losing sight of the needs of your project or business. If you want to invest more in your image, corporate identity design with more complex requirements that are out of these conditions, you can write to or go directly to Rocamora Studio, the company I run with my husband where we handle larger projects.


    After the logo and the other designs are accepted, payment is made. You can pay  by PayPal and credit card via PayPal, Western Union and Bank Transfer. . With confirmed payment, I will send you a link to download the final artwork in the mentioned formats.

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